Give Your Home An Upgrade With Welcome Furniture

Give Your Home An Upgrade With Welcome Furniture

The Bedroom Place offer an amazing selection of different furniture ranges one of the popular types of furniture that they do is welcome furniture, this range then has many different ranges. All of the factories of Welcome Furniture that manufacture the furniture are fitted with state of the art technology. All of their furniture is of a high quality and have been made by a dedicated workforce. Some of the welcome furniture ranges they do include Dubai, Vienna and Montego Bay. The 7 do the simple ranges and platinum ranges of furniture, the platinum include Cardigan Bay and coral bay, whereas the simple ranges include contrast and corrib. Every single piece of furniture from the welcome furniture range is quality tested before it’s passed on and sold. The furniture can be delivered ready assembled if it’s easier for you. The workers are committed to customer service and make sure that customers are pleased with their orders; they want to make sure customers get their orders on time too.


welcome furnitureOne of the ranges available is Vienna; this range comes with Bordeaux oak tops with three different finishes. The three stunning finishes available is porcelain ash, cream ash and kaschmir ash; all of the pieces of furniture in this range are available with crystal handles. Another one is Sherwood, this range comes in four fantastic finishes these are maple, modern oak, walnut or Bordeaux oak. Furniture available in this range includes a bookcase, chests and wardrobes. One of the platinum ranges is Biscay Bay; this range comes in four modern finishes which are white, Bardolino oak, Noche walnut and cream.  In this range you can get a selection of different pieces of furniture like mirrors and stools. This range is bold and is perfect for those who want furniture that’s sure to make their room stand out compared to everyone else’s.



All of the platinum ranges cover the same selection of furniture pieces, just with different finishes and some with different tops. Another one of the platinum ranges is Cardigan Bay this range comes in three different soothing finishes, these are cream, white and Bardolino oak. Another range would be Mayfair; this range is available with a choice of ten gloss doors and drawer fronts, as well as a choice of 5 base units and five base unit colours. The four available finishes are black, white, pink and ebony. These colours make the furniture more eye catching and will help to make them stand out even more.

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Is shared ownership for you?

Is shared ownership for you?

Shared ownership schemes are a government backed initiative that helps people to get onto the property ladder. They allow you to buy 25-75% of your home and pay rent on the remaining share of the property. You will need to take out a small mortgage to pay for the share of the home which you will own. This makes them far more affordable than other new homes in the London area, such as this development of new homes for sale in Brookmans Park.

Monthly mortgage and rent can work out cheaper than buying straight up, sometimes shared ownerships can be cheaper than or the same price as privately renting. An Independent Mortgage Advisor can help you work out these calculations and see which is best financially for you. Later on if you want to you can buy a larger share in a property, this is called stair casing. You can either do this and go straight to owning a large share of a property, or work your way up in three stages to owning 100% of a property. The more shares you buy the less rent you will have to pay.

The cost f your next share will all depend on how much your house is currently worth, at the time. If your property goes up in value then your share will cost more than your first share, but if the value has gone down then your share will be cheaper than your previous shares price. If you own all of your property you can sell it yourself, but once up for sale the housing association will have the right to buy it back first.

Marine Wharf are a company who are proud to offer an amazing collection of one, two, three bedroom apartments, situated in Surrey Quays. To be eligible for these apartments you must live and/or work in Bexley, Bromley, Lewisham, Southwark or Greenwich. People, who live in one of the areas above, are council tenants, housing association tenants or serve in the ministry of defence get priority when it comes to the apartments. All applications are welcome though.

These apartments are surrounded by stunning contemporary architecture, parkland and many shopping centres. There are local attractions such as a wildlife reserve and sports centre. Plus, if you decide to take transport, such as the train, car or the River Thames clipper bus you can go into central London or go to the nearby bowling alley, cinema and leisure centres.

The apartments already include some amazing features such as an integrated Zanussi fridge/freezer, Zanussi washer/dryer, Zanussi oven and a towel radiator in the bathroom as well as much more. Some of the homes are also wheelchair accessible.…

The Perfect Addition To Your Home – A Relaxing Inflatable Spa

The Perfect Addition To Your Home – A Relaxing Inflatable Spa

Looking for a great addition to your home? Then why not try looking at Lay-Z-Spas range of inflatable spa’s, they sell inflatable hot tubs which have the same features as your traditional hot tub but at a more affordable price. All of their hot tubs are of great quality and made if Tri Tech 3ply reinforced material to ensure utmost durability and strength.
hot tub10It’s great for teens as they can invite friends over to hang out and also ideal for adults as they can use it to relax. It ideal for parties, friends and definitely alone time after a long, tiring day. Also, it’s great for hydrotherapy as it helps with relieving back aches and pains. You can even buy extras so it’s better suited for the whole family such as booster seats, head rests, cup holders and much more.

Lay-Z-Spa is the UK’s best selling hot tub brand. All Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs by Bestway are fitted with a circulation pump, blower, heater and air jets. They reach a maximum temperature of 40⁰C. They are all really easy to set up, so no tools are needed. All are portable and of high quality. When it comes to air jets, all of them have 80 apart from the Paris which has 87 and the Hawaii which has 120.
inflatable spa

One of their hot tubs the Hawaii can fit 4 to 6 people and is a square shape unlike all the other round hot tubs. It comes with a leatheroid cover for insulation and to keep debris out. Also, already installed it has a ClearSoft water treatment system and a time controlled heating system, as well as 8 hydro jets.

Then there’s the Palm Springs hot tub which can also fit 4 to 6 people, and has a cushioned air mat floor. It also includes a solar ground cloth and a digital control pump. Just like all the other hot tubs it’s made from Tri Tech 3ply reinforced material, this ensure maximum possible strength.
Also, another one of their hot tubs is the Vegas which is the best seller. This hot tub fits 4 people and is easy to transport. It can be set up and filling with water in minutes. It comes with a cover and clips to secure, to protect the hot tub when it’s not in use. It also has an inner lid which helps to provide insulation. They also do many other hot tubs like the Miami, Monaco and the Vegas which is the upgraded version of the Vegas.…

Top 5tips must go through prior buying homes in London

Top 5tips must go through prior buying homes in London


London, the fantasy destination for many around the globe has been listed among the most expensive cities on the earth recently. Naturally, it’s been a dream for many to be part of this beautiful city.

When it comes to buying a home here, this certainly makes someone worth head turning. But, it’s not as easy as to think about buying homes in London. On this context, the below-mentioned tips can be handy regarding ensuring the best result.

Prioritize the location:

This is going to be something crucial regarding saving some considerable amount of bucks. No doubt the destinations like Earls Court can make your pocket a bit lighter. If you are not too desperate about being the part of these locations being an outsider, then those like Croydon can also be significant.

You can expect the amenities of almost same level here in these locations as well. The idea is clear; London can offer you the less expensive and comparatively higher expensive destinations. All that you need is to do a bit of enquiry to find a budget friendly option by your convenience.

While buying through auction:

Not only the homes, but for almost all matters, auctions have been one of the favorite ways of buying properties in London. No wonder as well if you also be a part of the above groups like many.

However, the important part you must have in mind is that the terms and conditions involved with the paperwork of these auction processes are perplexing much more than you have anticipated. Things are even more complex with homes. Hence, it is advised to go through each point very carefully. The best way would be to come along an advocate or someone an expert, on which you can trust.

Pick the right agency:

London is a mammoth city. It’s a whole world itself having people from around the globe. Almost every home buyer here belongs to an outside nation. Hence, buying properties through an agency is one of the convincing options.

Anyway, there remains the threat of getting trapped through the fake agencies as well. Therefore, make sure you have checked enough testimony about the concerned agency. Ask him about the authentication about its license. You should trust him only after adequate enquiry.

Connect with the locals:

London is a sweet city that gets even more addictive courtesy its adorable citizens. They just love to help you in every way. You must consult people around a location at which you are going to buy a home. They can offer you the exclusive information about the best prices, and every other pro or con.

Enquire properly about communication:

Buying home is certainly one of the huge investments. There should be complacency in every way for your money. Things get annoying if you have to change the location elsewhere, despite the fact that you purchased a home investing so much, just because of the communication. In some other cases, people o spend some extra bucks in the names of communication facility from a particular destination.

Later they get to know that it’s a matter of few minutes through the extravagant facilities of communication, like an underground train, bullet trains, or something like that from another cheaper destination. Hence, enquiring properly about communication can be handy about saving some of your hard earned amounts.